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Online Training Program "Psychology of Money"

Date: 23.09.2023 — 15.09.2024

The Psychology of Money. Author Training by Tetiana Yevtushok

The program consists of a series of online seminars on working with money relationships through various theoretical-practical topics and is based on unique developments at the intersection of knowledge from business psychology, Gestalt psychotherapy, coaching, entrepreneurial experience, findings of modern scientific research in neuropsychology and behavioral economics, as well as art, literature, and philosophy.

The training is dedicated to explore the concept of money at the boundary of human contact with the surrounding world (other people and systems) and continues the tradition of research in the Gestalt-therapeutic approach with a focus on the psychology of money’s impact on personality and behavior, expanding the possibilities of contemporary psychological counseling.


The online program is designed for psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, HR specialists, and consultants who practice or are starting to work with clients.

– Money… What kind of phenomenon is it, and how can we learn to deal with it: earn, manage, develop, and find satisfaction in these processes?

– How can we keep up with money?

– What is the value of money for you?

– How do you invite them into your relationships with loved ones and other people?

– What role do they play in your life and what scenarios do they create?

– What obstacles do they create in your consciousness, and what does this desired financial freedom entail?


What will we work on?


As the topic of money is emotionally charged, the program is built on special person-centered practical exercises from business psychology, psychotherapy, and coaching, which will provide you with both personal and professional benefits by integrating the acquired knowledge and experience into your work with clients. Specifically:


– Transform and reduce internal tension and anxiety related to money.

– Learn to recognize and differentiate true desires and needs and their connection to the process of earning money and your professional development.

– Explore the impact of money on relationships with others in your life (family, friends, clients, colleagues, partners, etc.).

– Discover new earning opportunities and unlock motivation for self-realization.

– Address the mechanisms that interrupt your healthy contact with money, such as habits, limiting beliefs, negative assumptions, outdated behavioral patterns, and family scenarios.

– Develop financial emotional intelligence and regulation in a structured approach to dealing with emotions and feelings surrounding money/work that arise at different stages of money-related relationships (fears, shame, guilt, aggression, offenses, etc.).

– Understand your own psychological decision-making system and learn to approach the process of self-realization, professional activity/business, and earning consciously and creatively.

– Learn to resolve internal and external money conflicts.

– Master an effective system of money management and goal setting.

– Increase financial resilience and heal money traumas.

– Study psychological behavior types related to money (earning, managing income, etc.).

– Discover the secrets of sales psychology and build more effective connections with clients, partners, colleagues, and team members involved in the earning process.


Each seminar includes working with individual participants’ inquiries, group practices in various formats, theoretical explanations, and lecture sessions.

Thanks to the practical-theoretical approach, you will be able to assimilate new experiences in your life, allowing you not only to theoretically understand the subject for more effective work with clients on money/business/work-related topics but also to model your personality.

In psychological counseling, the individual experience of the psychologist/therapist/coach has an incredible impact on effectiveness, not just a set of techniques.

Participants from previous programs share that thanks to the seminars, they not only started earning more but also deeply integrated this experience into their lives, and it continues to work for years. They discovered powerful internal individual resources for self-realization, professional development, and personal growth.


The comprehensive specialized educational program consists of 6 two-day online seminars.


Schedule and themes of seminars for 2023/2024:


Seminar 1 (23-24 September 2023):

– Properties of money and their impact on financial stability, general well-being, and quality of life.

– Phenomenology of money: historical, cultural, and philosophical concepts.

– Psychological principles of effective goal-setting and income increase.

– Financial emotional regulation and financial emotional intelligence: working with feelings, emotions, and needs in the Gestalt approach.


Seminar 2 (09-10 December 2023):

– The cycle of contact with money: stages of contact and mechanisms of interruption.

– Psychological principles of shaping and realizing needs related to money, professional self-realization, and money management.

– Concept of financial program and its components.

– Concept of financial decision-making.


Seminar 3 (24-25 February 2024):

– Mechanisms of creative adaptation in the process of earning and business activities.

– Physical manifestations of money and symptomatic embodiment of desires.

– Symptom as a resource for realizing internal potential and discovering new possibilities.

– Key psychological functions for successful interaction on the path to financial freedom.


Seminar 4 (20-21 April 2024):

– Contemporary consciousness and money.

– Paradoxes in the perception of money: to be with money or to have money?

– Internal and interpersonal conflicts related to money and self-realization.

– Integration of polar concepts and psychology of roles.


Seminar 5 (29-30 June 2024):

– Psychological types of financial behavior.

– Narcissistic, neurotic, and schizoid ways of interaction with money.

– The role of money in relationships with other people and systems.

– Money in art: literary and cinematographic examples as a means of identification and alienation.

– Working with metaphors.


Seminar 6 (14-15 September 2024):

– Psychology of sales, positioning, and promotion.

– Field theory and atmosphere in the aesthetization of business/activities in the process of earning and self-realization.

– Psychotechniques of sales.

– Leadership and charisma in the psychotherapeutic context.


You are invited to deep practical work that will help you look at the phenomenon of money in the life of modern individuals with a new, more humane perspective.



‘My goal is not to make you fantastically wealthy and fixated on money, but to uncover your deep inner resources and potential for growth, instill flexibility, and a sense of connection with the world. By helping you better understand your needs, it will enable you to build a wise relationship with money and thrive in your professional endeavors. Additionally, I will provide you with tools from business psychology to address the “money-related” inquiries of your clients.’




Trainer and Author:

Tetiana Yevtushok, Gestalt therapist, coach, business-psychologist, supervisor, trainer in Interregional Institute for Gestalt-therapy and Art (MIGIS), member of European Association for Gestalt-therapy (EAGT), Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR), International association of Gestalt in organisations (INTAGIO), BPS (British Psychological Society)



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