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The Psychology of Money: Unveiling the Complex Relationship Between Mind and Finance

Money holds a unique place in our lives, beyond its utilitarian function as a medium of exchange. Its psychological impact can be profound, shaping our decisions, emotions, and behaviors. The field of behavioral economics delves into the intricate connection between human psychology and financial decisions, revealing how biases, emotions, and cognitive patterns influence our relationship […]

Unseen Shadows. Exploring the Resonance of Absence: Unveiling the ‘Empty Chair’ Gestalt Technique

Recently, I attended the 54th annual international conference of SPR (The Society for Psychotherapy Research) in Dublin, Ireland, where hundreds of research projects on contemporary approaches to mental health psychotherapy were presented. Among the list of researched evidence-based methods that have been found effective, the technique of working with empty chairs was mentioned, which is […]

Can’t be with you and can’t be without you: Drama of borderline experience

Neurotic lacks awarenessBorderline lacks clarityPsychotic lacks sense of identity The Borderline relational disorder is characterized by an individual’s feeling of confusion when confronted with their own experiences. They lack clarity regarding to whom these experiences belong. This leads to a diminished self-esteem accompanied by a fear of abandonment, extreme emotions, and maladaptive mechanisms to regulate […]

Resistance to change

‘Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world’, said Archimedes, emphasizing the value of supports in the process of change. Psychological supports are essential components in the process of creating change. They are resources that create the foundation from which forces for action emerge. It is through […]

Emotional money

In previous articles I have written already how the topic of money in psychology often intersects with the emotions associated with it. As Kiyosaki says, “Money is an emotional thing. If you can’t control your emotions, then emotions will start to control your money.” And it’s true, not because money itself is inherently emotional, but […]

Studies of parent-child relationships and the psychology of education

The family is primarily a space in which children acquire cognitive and emotional abilities. The role of the family in the development of the child cannot be devalued, since it is there that the main qualities are formed, with which children then enter the adult world of social rules and relationships with many other people […]

Dual nature of aggression

Aggression (ad + gradi – “to move towards something”) is one of the basic driving emotions, behind which there is always a need. Aggression at its root is … striving towards someone, making contact whether for the sake of friendly affirmation of oneself and another, or for the sake of enmity… The opposite of aggression […]

Positive and Negative Feelings. Embodiment in Space and Time

A person is always more than he knows about himself. We are in the vast immensity of the world, and as limited as our body is, so unlimited is the power of our consciousness and thought. Everything exists simultaneously as a single (the image of the whole world) and as a separate (its details). In […]

The Psychology of Selling and the Aesthetics of Atmospheres

If you ever wonder, how to promote your services or goods, in order to build wider audience of clients, to whom the results of your work could be useful, you will most likely be interested in getting to know something about the psychology of the selling and the principles on which it is based. I […]

Hysterical model of relationships and its reconsideration in theory and practice of Gestalt therapy

Does hysteria exist today? Current trends in working with psychopathology in Gestalt therapy undeservedly ignore the hysterical modality of relationships, since hysteria is considered an obsolete phenomenon inherent to women of the past times of Freud. Rosaria Lisi in her new book fully described how hysteria is inherent in our modern society, equally to men, and women, justifying its origins and relevance, as well as “putting it through» Gestalt therapeutic theory backed by practice.

The research of neurosciences and practice of Gestalt psychotherapy

Modern neuroscience research is becoming more and more intensively introduced into the theory and practice of psychotherapy, and it is becoming more and more obvious that its discoveries fully support the principles of Gestalt therapy. The results of brain research more and more confirm the correctness of the approach of Gestalt psychotherapeutic practice, focused on […]

Where does debt come from? Psychology of money.

In psychology, the issue of debts is rather multifaceted. In this article, I would like to examine it with the context of the dependent behavior and consciousness of needs concept. In the previous works, I already said that money is the metaphor of the contact boundary, as they represent resources, which from one side help us to satisfy needs, and with another – they motivate to develop through the realization of the potential in the process of activity. This is why money itself can not be a source of debt.

Family: we or me? Psychology of conflict in relationship.

Conflict in family and couple is inevitable, since our society forms a family based on the choice of the individual. The social transition from “I cannot live without you” to “I choose to live with you” has already been realized. It is for this reason that conflicts in the family are based either on the […]

The psychology of dreams. Pre-verbal space of life.

The nature of dreams is as mysterious and unpredictable as life itself. Throughout history, man has tried to interpret dreams, putting into their meaning a variety of magical interpretations and desires to foresee the future, as uncertainty for us has always been and will be a difficult challenge to go through, and the need for […]

Everyone is as lonely as a raindrop. Therapy of existential experiences.

Everyone sooner or later asks questions about the meaning of life and its finiteness, this is often accompanied by anxiety and fears of the possible inevitability of accidental misfortunes, everyone experiences stress out of the need to fight, suffers from internal, unexplained loneliness, is tormented by a choice, forthcoming or made, which is accompanied by […]

Personal effectiveness and professional activity

So what does really guarantee the successful harmonious development of professional activity (business), personal effectiveness in work and the desired financial reward? In physiology, there is the concept of proprioception, the muscular sense of self-movement and body positioning. Since physiology is directly related to mental activity, I took the risk and transferred this concept to the professional body of the realization of a person – his activity, business, work.

The paradox of money: ideal or material?

People’s attitude to money is always very emotionally charged and causes a lot of tension. If we talk about such difficulties, they are associated with such feelings as fear, shame, anxiety, anger, which often a person tries to avoid, without understanding the causes and effects. Often even the conversation about it is considered improper, low […]

Financial independence. Secrets of thinking.

Scientists have conducted research and showed that the human brain does not perceive the particle “not”. Let’s do an experiment. I will offer you something, and you will understand everything yourself. Now, try not to think about the balloon right now! Well? Any success? Most likely not, because in your imagination there is an instant […]

To have money or to be with it?

Have you ever thought about your motivation in making money? What do you need it for? After all, everyone has his own motives and desires. But it is on your needs, and the ability to see and meet them, that the quality of your life largely depends, just as financial freedom depends on your needs, […]

Money and contact cycle

Money and contact cycle. The role of Self concept functions in human interaction with money. Contact interruption mechanisms as obstacles to financial success. The way our world works is that money is a vital means of human interaction with the outside world, a platform on which both meeting of our basic needs and opening up […]

Panic attacks. The light born at sunrise.

Panic attacks usually mean attacks of unreasonable strong fear and anxiety, accompanied by a number of symptoms, such as a feeling of irreality of what is happening around, dying, disappearance, fear of insanity, as well as loss of control over one’s body, disorientation in time and space and certain frightening bodily manifestations, which can manifest […]

Psychological pain, and the boundary situations

Due to the fact that each event of our life is the result of our interaction with the world at the contact boundary, for each individual this contact and the way it is carried out is individual, which is characterized by features that have developed in the past, often childhood, experience, and therefore, each feels […]

Emotional dependence

Emotional dependence on the other in a relationship is when we get used to thinking of that other as of a cause. In a framework of such a relationship, this other can care for us by manifesting his virtue, thereby maintaining his sense of power over us, thus justifying this desire, while at the same […]

Money at the contact boundary

The psychology of money deals with the problems of person’s relationship with money at the contact boundary, and explores the influence of financial factors on the mechanisms of human behavior, decision making and relationships with others. Plutus (Greek: Πλοῦτος, Ploutos, literally “wealth” – god of wealth and abundance) was the son of Demeter, the goddess of […]

Parenting and narcissism

In addition to love, all children from birth to adulthood feel the need for stability, structure, empathy, strong boundaries and a person who will be an adult next to them. On this difficult path of growing up parent-child relationships require an incredible amount of awareness from parents. The English have a wonderful proverb that encourages […]

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

— Aristotle