Tatiana Yevtushok

Business psychologist. Gestalt psychotherapist. Coach. Trainer


My name is Tatiana Yevtushok

I am a business psychologist, psychotherapist, coach, trainer, lecturer and supervisor.

Author of a training program in the Psychology of Money.

Member of EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy), SPR (Society for Psychotherapy Research), BPS (British Psychological Society), INTAGIO (International association of Gestalt in organisations.

I am a founder of a consulting company PLATO LLC (Dubai, UAE) which provides consulting services in the field of psychological and financial well-being.

I am also a mother of a wonderful autistic teenager and co-founder of the rehabilitation center for children with special needs “Rozmovlyayko”.

My history

I started my first business in 2006. Also, I have always been interested in the issue of reaching the full potential by an individual, financial literacy in money managing and the psychology of money. Over time my experience proved to be of demand in counseling and training.

Since then I have been actively studying psychology and Gestalt psychotherapy, I went through all levels of study and became a trainer at the Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art with my author training program on Gestalt coaching and the Psychology of money.

I write poems and articles, integrate the results of scientific research in psychology and the psychology of art into Gestalt therapeutic theory and practice. I am particularly interested in exploring relations between Gestalt therapy and philosophy and literature.

As I am a mother of an autistic child, the problems of parents with children with special needs are especially close to me. To help such children, I co-founded the correctional rehabilitation center “Rozmovlyayko”, which specializes in helping children with language disorders.



In 2005 I graduated from Kiev National Linguistic University with a degree in Philology of French and English languages, and Literature.

2013-2019 – I studied and graduated from Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art majoring in following programs: “Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy”, “Gestalt-therapy Training Program for Supervisors and Trainers”, “Integrative group therapy “, “Irony-paradox provocative psychotherapy “, “Psychopathology”.

In 2019 I graduated from Istituto di Gestalt Therapy Kairos (Italy, Rome) where I had International Training Program in Gestalt Family Therapy by Giovanni Salonia and Valeria Conte.

From 2019 I have been studying scientific psychology and conduct research in University of Derby in the UK.

I am a participant of numerous training programs by leading business trainers and Gestalt therapists of the world, including Gianni Francesetti, Giovanni Salonia, Marshall Goldsmith, Brian Tracy, Romeo Marquis Jr., Lisa Nichols, Robert Kiyosaki, Bodo Schaefer, Tom Wilright, Sandy Jadeja and others.

I participated in numerous international psychotherapy conferences in Sicily (Italy, 2016), Paris (France, 2017), Amsterdam (Netherlands, 2018), Santiago (Chile, 2019), Budapest (Hungary, 2019), Dublin (Ireland, 2023) and Oxford (UK, 2023).



As a participant in the seminar, I want to sincerely thank Tatyana for the high professionalism and excellent atmosphere that prevailed during the two days of our intensive work at the seminar. Personally, I received very big clarity and awareness on the topic "The Psychology of Money." Miraculous psychological practices of Tatiana Evtushok are literally "a brain explosion" and a complete reboot at the level of consciousness and peace of mind.

— Natalia

Tatiana, thank you for the interesting and useful advice for me, and opening one more of my sides! I am full of energy and ready for action !!! ))) Special thanks for the professionalism and sensitivity!

— Marina

I would like to write that I had a great opportunity to work with Tanya on the subject of money. And it was interesting, energetic and brought a lot of clarity on which you can build up and implement your plans. So if someone has questions about and is interested in their financial state, I am sure that Tanya will help you navigate on your issue.

— Yevgeniya

I am very glad that I decided to try. Tanya helped to take a fresh look at my situation and see the spots that stop me. It never ceases to amaze me, the work of the field, because in a short period of time between our session and writing this review, I had clients who signed up for a consultation at a new price. The obstacles are in our heads, and not in the surrounding world, which I am convinced in this once again.

— Natalia

Your attention and work were important for me, and also the experience of interacting with you! Our meeting — opened access to the strength) and shook up) Thank you! Amazed! Lots of respect!

— Tatiana

I did not think that it would be so difficult to put in a few sentences my impressions and thanks to Tania Yevtushok for working as a financial coach. Relationship with money is very intimate, but it’s scary and embarrassing to not only work on this topic, but to entrust someone with a sincere story about their difficulties, limitations, worries, loans, fear of poverty and so on. I am extremely glad that I took the risk and went to study the psychological aspects of the relationship with money, and also that Tanya was my teacher, mentor and therapist. Tanya, thank you for the cool work with monetary settings, for all the tasks that you developed, for the soft and powerful support of me and my future projects. Our sessions opened up a new world for me, in terms of future development and income. I grew up psychologically in matters of money, I like this responsibility and I am inspired by this. Signing up for coaching was one of the best decisions this year! I am happy, and, most importantly, now I have more money.

— Olesya Oliynyk

I am very glad that I attended the seminar. It was sooo interesting and helpful.

— Oksana