Tatiana Yevtushok

Business psychologist. Gestalt psychotherapist. Coach. Trainer

The Psychology of Money

The world is made in such a way that it is money that is the platform for the realization of a human. Money does not spoil us, it reveals us. It should not be an end in itself, but a foundation for the realization of human needs. And if you want to improve your financial situation, you need to understand why you need it.

Gestalt and Business Coaching

Gestalt coaching, as a separate approach to counseling in the area of human resources development, appeared from symbiosis of Gestalt therapy and coaching and is successfully applied in different countries for several decades. Special interest of this approach in counseling is focused on helping people to reach their potentiality in the process of their professional activity and self-realization. The attention is paid to increasing personal effectiveness in work, increasing motivation, forming more effective professional interactions with professional environment, promoting and organizing the process of selling, as well as earning money and money management.

Coaching is effective when it is necessary to focus attention on some figure, when a person is motivated, when there is a chance for changing and growth and when there is problem with actions. With the help of some techniques based on promoting and clarifying questions, encourage clients to reach goals in his professional activity, thus, helping them to get from the place where they are to the place where they have perspective to be. As we know in order to reach that place and to grow we have to accept what is already present in actual situation, that is why Gestalt gives more deep and effective method of work.

Coaching and mentoring in business plays the same role as in sports. In sports, the coach helps the athlete to achieve maximum performance, supports him in the moments of falls and maximum exhaustion, and also teaches new skills that will help defeat the rivals. Similar tasks are performed by the business coach but in the world of money. The coach helps to maximize the use of own resources to achieve goals. He helps to cope with stress and hard feelings in difficult periods. The coach also teaches critical skills that many people do not pay attention to: setting clear goals, the ability to properly allocate resources and many others. Working with a business coach will not allow you to jump above your head, but it will help you see your own opportunities, which are so often underestimated. A view from the outside, constant study of the nature of success and experience are the main tools in the work of a business coach.

The Psychology of Money

The psychology of money studies people’s attitude towards money and its influence on relationships with other people during the process of professional and business activity and their behaviour within this process as well as on motivation and decision-making.

My author methods in this sphere is based on the frontier of knowledge about psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, philosophy, literature, the psychology of money (behavioral economics), business coaching, and my own entrepreneurial experience.

Individual consultations

Consultations on Gestalt coaching and the psychology of money are held both face-to-face meetings and work via video link. In my sessions, I use both business coaching methods and Gestalt therapeutic methods. By experience, it is the therapeutic part that gives the greatest result, but at the same time it assumes regular work throughout the course.

The cost of 1 session — 50 euros.

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