Tatiana Yevtushok

Business psychologist. Gestalt psychotherapist. Coach. Trainer



Date: 18.02.2023 — 25.06.2023

18-19.02.2023 – Psychology of money. Online training

17-19.03.2023 – Gestalt training #10 (online). Group 1-3

22-23.04.2023 – Psychology of money. Online training

28-30.04.2023 – Basic course. Gestalt psychotherapy online. Training #4. Group 4

26-28.05.2023 – Gestalt training #11 (online). Group 1-3

23-25.06.2023 – Basic course. Gestalt psychotherapy online. Training #5. Group 4

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Gestalt Psychotherapy Online. Basic Course

Date: 28.04.2023 — 30.04.2023

Theory and practice of Gestalt therapy. This basic online course in Gestalt therapy is an opportunity to learn secrets to create and maintain psychological well-being for everybody. Each training implies unique practical and theoretical work based on science as well as art that results in discovering participants’ source of creative life energy. Trainings include deep practical work, engaging therapeutic techniques, individual and group therapy according to actual participants’ requests, interesting psychological explanations and theoretical lectures.

Special attention is dedicated to quality of changes in different spheres of participants’ life (familiy, relationships, work, business, etc.).

5 three-day online trainings during 2022/2023.

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The Psychology of Money. ONLINE Trainings

Date: 22.04.2023 — 23.04.2023

The psychology of money. Online trainings.

Improve your relationships with money and financial intelligence through various theoretical topics and practical therapeutic techniques.

The work is based on the unique developments at the intersection of knowledge from business psychology, Gestalt psychotherapy, coaching, entrepreneurial experience, neuropsychology, behavioral economics and also art, literature and philosophy.

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Training Program "Gestalt Coaching and the Psychology of Money"

Date: 20.05.2022 — 17.02.2023

The training program includes 5 seminars and is aimed to work through the concept of money managing with the help of Gestalt theory and therapeutical practice. This program is a unique synthesis of different kinds of knowledge: the psychology of money, Gestalt psychotherapy, coaching, modern science of success strategies, literature, philosophy and trainers’ personal business experience.  It is designed to study the concept of money on the contact boundary and continues tradition of research in Gestalt therapeutical approach with orientation to explore psychological influence of money on individual development, quality of human life and professional self-realization.  We aim to enrich participants with new personal resources as well as to widen the possibilities of modern Gestalt psychotherapy.

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