Tatiana Yevtushok

Business psychologist. Gestalt psychotherapist. Coach. Trainer

Gestalt Psychotherapy Online. Basic Course

Date: 13.10.2023 — 08.09.2024

Theory and practice of Gestalt therapy

Basic ONLINE course

Certified by Interregional institute for Gestalt therapy and Art


This basic online course in Gestalt therapy is an opportunity to learn secrets to create and maintain psychological well-being for everybody. Each training implies unique practical and theoretical work based on science as well as art that results in discovering participants’ source of creative life energy. Trainings include deep practical work, engaging therapeutic techniques, individual and group therapy according to actual participants’ requests, interesting psychological explanations and theoretical lectures.

Special attention is dedicated to quality of changes in different spheres of participants’ life (familiy, relationships, work, business, etc.).


5 three-day online trainings during 2023/2024


Training 1 

Basic principles of gestalt therapy. Philosophical, biological and psychological underpinnings of Gestalt therapy. Psychological counseling and ethics. Psychoanalysis and existentialism. Basic concepts of Gestalt therapy: contact and contact boundary, figure/ground dynamics, ‘here and now’, organism/environment, self-regulation, creative adaptation, awareness.

Training 2 

Theory of Self (Id, Ego and Personality). The cycle of contact. Mechanisms of interruption of contact (confluence, introjection, projection, retroflection, deflection, egotism).

Training 3 

Integrative feature of Gestalt therapy. Working with dreams in Gestalt therapy. The concept of polarities: Opposites and the whole.

Training 4 

Gestalt psychotherapy as art and creative process. Creativity in Gestalt therapeutic work. Work with painting, sculpture, voice, movement, etc..

Training 5

Working with resistance in Gestalt therapy. Paradoxical theory of change.


The course is adapted according to EAGT requirements and is certified by Interregional institute for Gestalt therapy and Art



Tatiana Yevtushok, Gestalt therapist, Gestalt coach, Business Psychologist, Supervisor, Trainer at Interregional institute for Gestalt therapy and art, Member of EAGT (European association of Gestalt therapists), SPR (Society for psychotherapy research), Student-member of BPS (British Psychological Society), INTAGIO (International association of Gestalt in organization)